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Category: Relationships Do Women Cheat in their Relationships More Than Men

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How Marital Status Can Affect Your Career

How to Win A Man's Heart How to Build a Better Relationship With Your Boss

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SheKnows: 8 stay-sane tips for spouses making holiday plans The One Suprising Activity That Brings Couples Closer




The Stir. Cafemom – The Eight Types of Marriage – Which One Do You Have?


The Stir:Cafemom – The 10 most common fights couples have – Unfulfilled expectations

                             The ten most common fights couples have – You take me for granted  

                             The ten most common fights couples have –  the Work Life Balance


The Stir. Cafemom: My Husband Won't Go to Therapy! Now What?

The Stir. Cafemom How to spot a cheater by their body language Tough Talks:How to handle tough relationship topics


Medical Daily: Single Life: Six Scientifically Proven Perks of Being Single Six Ways Shy Moms Can Make the Most Out of Any Social Situation – Five Ways Women Can Let Go of Past Relationships and Date Again


Medical Daily- Exercise Reduces Stress and Enhances Physical intimacy


Self Storage Finder: Tips For Moving in With The Man Of Your Dreams


Category: Health


11 ways to know what's causing your anxiety and how to fix it


8 signs that you might not be spending enough time outside


Womens Health: The link between anxiety an IBD Six + ways coloring as a form of art can reduce and manage stress


The Rheumatologist : Tips for Physicians on Handling Personal Problems at Work

US News and World Report: How to Heal Your Skin With Your Mind


MEDICAL DAILY.COM  -How To Stop Binge Eating: 5 Simple Ways To Curb Your Appetite To Feel Satisfied :The Link Between Depression and Physical Pain


Always Active Atheletics:  Committment: How To Stick To A Work Out and Nutrition Regime Be Sorry, Be Healthy: Apologize for your health Fifteen ways to control stress eating   Anorexia: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment on the health benefits of forgiveness  9 Useful tips to Help You Stick to Your New Year Resolutions


Category: Parenting


Yahoo Parenting: Three Reasons Why Divorce Might Not Be Bad For Your Kids


How to Raise Your Kid to Love School When You Really Hated it Are You Scared of Your Child? When Your Kids Want to Quit


Yahoo Parenting: When Does Your Kid Need Therapy?   When its okay to treat your kids differently and when its not


ALLPARENTING.COM – America Desensitized: the new normal Why parents need to know what Heather Mack is teaching about teen money


Category: Anger management


LoveToKnow : Good Ways to Vent Anger  How to Deal with Road Rage (Whether it’s You or the Other Driver Who’s Fuming)

Category: Psychology of Emotions and Managing Finances Why Can't I Stop Being Jealous?

Mainstreet.comWhy women need to cut up their credit cards and operate fully on a cash-only-basis   Women and retail therapy puts their retirement savings in jeopardy.   Why Americans Need Therapy To Improve Finances: Money Psychology   What parents need to know what Heather Mack is teaching about teen money   Avoiding spending sprees on Twitter Wednesday and Black Friday



Category: Relationships: Book, Now You Want Me, Now You Dont! Fear of Intimacy: Ten ways to recognize it and ten ways to manage it in your relationship


MyNDTALK _ Women often connect through sex, and men yearn for emotional closeness


Voice of America: Fear of Intimacy and Emotional Closeness


Todd Newton Show


LA Talk Radio: On the couch with Dr. Michelle ( August 15, 2014)


The Steven Knight Show  (scroll to 50 minutes in)


Health, Wealth and Wisdom Show   (scroll to 28 minutes in)


MotherLove Show

LastFirstDateshow with host Sany Weiner


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Spanish language articles  Los beneficios de ser introvertido      (the benefits of being introverted)     Por qué deberías tener un hobby creativo  ( the psychological  benefits of having a hobby )








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