Are You at War With Your Partner or With Yourself?

Are You at War With Your Partner or With Yourself?

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Now You Want Me, Now You Dont! Fear of Intimacy book


Do you feel your relationship is like a battle ground where you are constantly having to defend against unjust comments, sneaky twists of your words used against you, and always having to prove your self and your righteousness?

Does it feel like a never ending war that you can't win, but that you can't give up either?

Then it's likely you are at war with yourself to try and be a person you are not!

When the pressure gets too much, you can't be the enemy and the besieged, so you give the enemy hat over to your partner -

Hey presto the relationship is full of tension, conflict and attempts to score points!

No hope of emotional intimacy.

No chance of understanding or support. Just stress and destruction of the bonds between you and your partner.

So watch this video and get some insight into how your war with yourself becomes a war with your partner that destroys emotional intimacy.

Then learn how you can get a handle on the conflicts you have raging inside you, and learn how to soothe your wounds.




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